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Ensuring Your Safety and Security

Our Security Consulting and Training services focus on safety for individuals, families and businesses. We cover the full continuum of needs from home security assessments, business security training and assessments, firearms training and personal security consulting. Check out our various trainings and courses through the buttons below.

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“My wife and I took our conceal and carry class through Personal Protection Plans with
a number of our friends from all walks of life. The class was great for everyone
present and Mike and Brett did a great job keeping the whole class engaged, learning,
and safe. My wife had never used a handgun before and watching her go from being a
bit nervous to handling them confidently and competently was a fantastic experience.
For myself, I grew up around firearms but there was still a great deal to learn since I
never had any formal instruction. It was well worth it - we both learned a lot and the
instructors engaged us both where we were at and were happy to teach us as much as
we could handle without overwhelming us which is the mark of a good teacher.  “

Eli B.

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